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First period, TV Production, was just awful. We switch jobs every two weeks so after the switch nobody knows what they're doing. We have two complete morons working the cameras, the two directors can't agree on anything, all of the computers are being bitches and won't work, and to top it all off, it's the teacher's first year so she has no idea what she is doing either.

Second period, more graphing. I hate graphing. Stupid waste of time. Got to play with the graphing calculators, so that was a plus.

Third period, painting an Orc with watercolors. It's a closeup, so it looks really nasty. I love it.

Fourth period, light bulbs again. At this point I'm ready to shun electricity and go back to candles.

Lunch was just fine until they started blaring swing music so loudly that we couldn't hear the bell ring and we were all late for class. Stupid swing day. I hate school spirit week.

Fifth period, American Literature. I hate the teacher with a passion. She's the most dull person on the face of the planet and to make things worse, Andrew was absent today, so I couldn't ask him what he thinks about The Eyes Of The Dragon so far. Great book, by the way. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. In case you didn't know, it's by Stephen King.

Sixth period. . . I don't remember. Too boring. It was American History. That's about it.

Seventh period, my acting class. This is the most fun I have ever had at school. Yes, the teacher makes us do silly things, but it's fun. Just as long as I don't have to dance again. That was bad.

Eighth period, French. . . Um. . . It was French? French = naptime in Janna's world, I'm afraid. Doesn't matter, I still get A's.

Got home, did nothing a bit, went out to dinner with the family, came home, did a bit more nothing, updated LJ, and am now planning to further corrupt my little sister by letting her watch Clerks with me. I'm such an evil bitch.

Oh, and one more thing: I have yet to even start my math homework. Ooops. Oh well. There's always tomorrow morning, or I could just not sleep, as usual. Night peoples.
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